Executive Committee:

Barbara Phillips | President
Avi Tate | VP  of Development
Elizabeth Cravens | VP

AdmInistrative Affairs
 Vicki Derese | Treasurer
Dr. Mark Porterie| Permanent member
William McCoy | Permanent member
Dr. Betty Reynard | Permanent member

Kristi Heid | Permanent member
Jeff Hayes | Member at Large
Darlene Moody | Member at Large

Carlita Zummo  |  Maria Saldana
Janet Cline | Bernie Hernandez
Clint Libscomb |  Arlene Leblanc
 Verna Rutherford | Justin East

Mary Jean George | Marian Ruiz

Charlene Commings | Cindy Drummond
Maureen Lindell | Marie Errington

Arthur Thomas | Ron Fletcher

Tomara Anderson | Christine Chesney

Michelle Dorsey | Ashley Gaston-Boneau

 Aletha Kirkwood | Gregg Parker




The Mission of the Port Arthur Education Foundation is to enhance academic excellence by supporting innovative educational projects.


Recognize excellence in schools, students, individuals, and teachers.

Recognize donors to and supporters of Port Arthur Education Foundation activities.

Support academic excellence through funding of innovative educational projects.

Build partnerships with local businesses, community, alumni, and educators to raise funds and encourage support for Foundation projects.

Seek funding for Foundation projects through grants and fund-raising activities